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Note: I hope one day, when I will have graduated from physic engeneering, to check again this chapter. I tried to put toghether scientific articles on graphene and penta-graphene, but... well, you can't ever be sure about anything. I could have written physics blasphemies but, please understand me: I'm just at the second year of hell.

-So... this is penta-graph?- asked the poet, handling a pen made of a transparent material, like plastic, squared in a parallelepiped with an exagonal base.

-The first prototype - smirked the female physicist, adjusting her glasses. -It was hard synthetizing it, but I've done it.

-You mean we have done it- the muscolous guy corrected her, hitting her with his wing. -Even if you re-made it after I've synthetized a sheet.

-And it's really resistant!- the poet exclamed again, hitting a rock with it, and seeing how neither of them broke.

-Well, if you unrolled it, you would see how flexible it is. The exagonal structure is ensured only by an internal cage, made of plastic.

-So, this is what you were searching for?- the poet continued, curiously.

-I was searching the way to synthetize it... if you are interested, it's a nice story- she smiled, leaning better in the bath.

-I've got the entire night- he asnwered, preparing the typewriter.


The woman leaned on the rocking bench, breathing the icy air of the high mountains. Any time she saw the sun setting, she just thought of the insults of the villagers. "That structure is a rape to the mountains!" they said... she instead said that for a little compensation she had to work in a sort of concrete cylinder, like a hermit. And this just because she had to syntethize a revolutionary material. The woman exhaled, watching as the last light of the sunset vanished under the purple and indigo of the evening's weight, like a child that tries to cover his cold cheeks under an icy blanket.

-May the sunset be praised...- she sighed, thinking about how it would have been nice to hug the pillow of her fortess and winding herself up in the rarely washed covers. But afterall she was on the top of a mountain. Microbes wouldn't arrive in an easy way, and even if they came she had a full box of medicines to fight them.

-So... I'm going...- commented the companion, lighting a cygarette. -I'm going down to the landing platform to take the elycopter...

-Disappear...- commented the woman, lighting a cygarette.

-You sure you don't wanna come with me? My grandma prepares a eggnog that...

-Disappear...- the woman said again, hitting the snow with her boots. -And wish an happy year to your relatives for me...

-You sure you won't feel alone?- she commented, finally taking up the bags.

-You forgot the college, where vacations were only an excuse to have more days to study? What makes you think something has changed? Go away.

The companion shook her head, disconsolate. She went down the steel ladder with slow and calibrated movements, weighting on a rope not to fall, and she approached the elycopter. This became alive, as the blades started turning around like a dragonfly's wings, and as the icy snow was being thrown on the woman's face.

-I won't stay here to say bye-bye...- she said, as the girl could hear her. She threw the cygarette in the snow, and entered the laboratory


She woke up in the middle of the night. She sighed, lifting herself up, then spitting in the bin at her side. How stupid, she was all alone in that sort of cylinder, what could she do at the moment? She checked the clock. 4 a.m.

-Oh well... it seems I'll need a coffee... who knows, just to pass time I could try to solve some of those crosswords that they being to us toghether with the paper...

She slowly went down the concrete ladder, yawning. She had enough of that place, but she didn't know where to go. Her parents? Buried. Her family? She had been forgotten. Her friends? They weee only the laboratory's instruments and the carbon. And the moka, obviously.

-So... where the heck is the moka...?- she asked to herself, searching the cupboard. -Oh, here it is! You thought you could escape me? Oh, come on, don't be difficult with me...- she smirked, opening the faucet and letting the water obtained from snow run in tbe sink.

And then, she heard it.

The crackle of the snow. Of much snow. A slipstream. A thud, on the roof, and the fall of the twenty inches of snow most near to the roof's edge.

She looked, pretty scared.

A giant and fresh lizard-like print leaned in the fluorescet snow.

Without losing a second, she run to the table where her instruments lied. She took the oxygen tank, putting a lighter at his edge, while running to the door, and throwing it open.

-Who are you?!- she screamed, while the icy wind scarred ber face and put out the weak flame. -Or, what are you?!

The woman run in the snow, until she approached the point where the print leaned, throwing a glance at the pointed roof of her hated concrete cylinder. But all of the snow had fallen down, the roof of solar panels was shining under the moonlight, naked, but not broken, as the thing that grasped it was at the same time comely and destructive.

-Just what the...- she panted, letting her arm fall.

-Good evening- commented a suadent voice behind her.

In an istant, the situation run to her brain. She didn't have weapons, the lighter's flame was off, and she didn't know how to save herself. She then decided to spin around herself, hoping to put enough force to throw the oxygen tank on the guest's face.

-Those things are dangerous- he commented, gently blocking with the arm's movement, bending it towards himself to follow it's movement. -Usually this place is deserted in this period. Who are you?

-A physician who doesn't celebrate Christmas- she growled, still letting her glance fall on the naked muscolous body of her guest... but observing also how some parts of his skin were covered of white scales, and how two big bat wings were in the place of his scapulaes. Ot to talk about his eyes, yellowish, shining and with vertical pupils, nor about his horns, that grew out of a scaled and hairless head.

-Nice to know you. I am a dragon.

The physician fixed him for a moment. Then she entered the structure, she made and drank a coffee, came back, hitted his face on the snow and finally she fixed him again.

-Sorry could you repeat?

-Nice to know you. I am a dragon.




-Could you stop talking using only monosyllabes?

-It isn't 4 a.m.'s effect, right?

-Nope...- he commented.

-And you aren't going to enter my bed in order to let me use your pectorals that seem like they came out of a dream as a pillow, am I right?




The dragon pleasantly sipped his coffee from the filled cup.

The physician wrote something down on her papers.

The dragon stretched his legs, leaning the cup and scratching his chest with his claws.

The physician got a little red, but conyinued to write down, fixing his from time to time.

The dragon sighed, fixing his glance on her.

The physician lowered hers immediatly, covering it with her documents.

-Could you stop studying me?- he sighed, catching his leather bag, and taking from it a pair of pants, made by deer leather probably. -You are creeping me.

-Sorry- she answered, turning her shoulder to him. -I'm not used in having in front of me a creature wich is supposed non-existent.

-Dragins exist in many cultures all over the world. What makes you think we were never existed?

-I've already heard that phrase...- she answered, watching one of the photos fixed on the cupboard, put there by her sci-fi lover colleague.

-I know, internet is a marvellous place- he answered, catching his smoking new phone and starting playing an MMO. -Do you have a wi-fi connection here?

-Not really...- she answered, lifting herself up. -But I won't give you the password. Listen, I don't know what you are doing here, nor what you want, but I have some work to do. So, if it isn't a problem...

-Come on, already finished?- he answered loudly, trying to tease her. -Don't you wanna see when I transform in a dragon?

-Mass can't appear or disappear casually- she answered, erasing the last hints of shame.

-You sure about it?- he asked, opening the door, and leaning on the door's jamb, fixing her back. -Dragons are magic.

Those words were like a stab in the back. Stab that turned into a swarm of feathers, because the physician started to laugh, falling on her knees, catching her stomach too. Magic, ah! She was a physician, right? How could she think there was something like "magic"?

-I think you need an update...- she concluded, lifting herself up. -Magic is science that was never understood.

-You say it- he answered, smiling to himself. -I would like to challenge you to show me you can define my magic with your rules... but I prefer laughing at your research.

-My research is a serious thing!- she growled, suddenly angering. -You can't comprehend it, anyhow. But if you wanna know, I'm trying to synthetize penta-graph.

-Show me, then- he answered, smiling to his own curiosity.


-This is graphene- started the physician, tossing a sheet of material to the dragon. -It's a flexible material, but incredibly resistan. It's like a boxer's motto: resistant like a diamond, flexible like plastic.

-Uau... it's easy to perform the pencil trick with this- the dragon grinned, shaking the sheet of graphene in the air.

-Yes... this instead is what we are trying to obtain- continued the physician, switching on the projector wich showed penta-graph's structure. -It has to become light, flexible and thermally stable.

-That means, if I vomit up some fire on it, it won't melt? Seriously?!- the dragon exclaimed, surprised.

-I would ask you not to do it, you would set off the fire alarm. Anyhow, it's exactly like you said. The maximus temperature wich it can resist it's a bout a thousand Kelvin or, for te profane, about seven hundred celsus degrees.

-Oh, so it's allright!- he grinned, calmed down. -They said my white flames are about a thousand twohundred degrees...

-Sure... create such a flame and I'll assign you a Nobel prize.

-It's true!- answered the dragon, breathing in.

-No!!!- the physician blocked him, putting her documents in the dragon's mouth. -If you throw a flame here the fire alarm will set off! And since there are some instruments sensible to water, five minutes after the fire warning every bit if this structure's air will be sucked out, putting iff the flames and sucking away eventual toxic clouds. And killing us!

-Ok, ok, no fire...- he sighed, a little disappointed bexause the woman didn't believe him. -The concept is simple though: what does the penta-graph have to do with graphene?

-It's simple- the physiciam answered, sighing. -Penta-graph is the little broyher of graphene. It's the product of a genial intuition, and we are trying to synthetize it.

-So to product it?

-Yes, it's what I said- the physician answered, turning off the projector and going straight to the laboratory. -It's been two years since I came here to work. Firstly we researched carbon properties, and then they asked us to do this thing... a bit problematic, isn't it?

-No... I don't know what in this story is problematic...- answered the dragon, taking up the penta-graph sheet.

-Well, we had to change the instrumentation for example... and trasporting them by elycopter wan't that easy. But now I have to work, if you would excuse me.

Still feeling the pain of curiosity, the dragon didn't distract himself from the skillful hands of the woman that were tapping om the screens, and that put the various materials in the various mechanisms. He watched her htting the keyboard to input every data from the lab, write down by hand pages and pages of notes, but most of all he admired the coldness of her eyes, while she was observing the material slide, filter, to heat up and to smoke.

He observed her, like she was observing the matter, as the dragon himself was writing down data regarding her, watching her operate and trying to comprehend the meaing if her actions. It was like the physician was the matter itself, and the profane a scientinst that was studying her, trying to find an opening to change her form.

-It doesn't work? He asked observing her as she sipped her coffee, sighing.

-It's months we are working on this... it's obvious it diesn't work. It isn't just synthetyze it what I'm trying to do, but trying to find a method to product it on a large scale. Industrial production, do you undesrand? This is the reason why we write down the material's properties, and the method we follow to create it. Even if... at the moment we only succeded in creating a sheet of penta-graph one millimeter long covered by a lot of trash. It doesn't fit the picture  do you understand?

-Yep...- he answered, leaning the sheet of graphene on the table. -Well, why don't you sleep? It's late...

-I know... may the sunset be praised...- dhe answered, throwing the lab coat in the sack of dirty clothes, and taking off the shirt.

-You know I'm a man, right?- he commented, crunching some biscuits he found in the cupboards.

-I don't think you are interested in humans...- she commented, unbuttoning the trousers -After all you refused the role of pillow, didn't you?- she continued, with a soft smile. -I'm taking a shower. Don't touch anything of my instrumets.

-As you want...- he answered, throwing a little purple flame at the graphene sheet, that wemt off immediatly, but that stretched the sheet itself. -So, I'm gonna sit down in a corner with a blanket to cover myself and sleep.


-You!!- screamed the physician, hitting the dragon's face.

-What...?- he asked, slowly opening his eyes. -You work at this hour...?

-From dawn to sunset- she growled, observing him with deep anger. -But, still, what does this mean?!- she screamed, holding the sheet of graphene she had given him.

-It's a sheet of penta-graph- he smiled, covering himself with the blanket.

-I don't mean this! How did you turn graphene in penta-graph?! Did you use a chemical process? Did you use hybridizing moleculaes? Or...

-Magic- he answered, sighing. -Don't think you can understand everything.

-Sure... now, come with me!!- she continued, taking him by his horn. -Magic or not, I wanna know how you did make this happen!

-If you need it for a Nobel prize...- he answered, lifting himself up to save the trouble of dragging him to those thin arms. -How did you understand it was penta-graph by the way.

-Mechanical properties.

-So...? What does this mean...?

-It reacts in a different way if you pull it!- she concluded, putting him in front of an heat relevator. -Now, spit flames.

-As you want...- he answered, throwing up an intense whitish flame.

A thousand fourhundred seventyeight Kelvin were measured. -A thousand twohundred degrees, right?- he commented.


The woman hit the table with a punch, cutting herself with the metallic edge of the instruments. How was it possible?! How could it be so absurd?! She made various test, everyone failing, everyone without meaning. It didn't have a meaning! First of all, how could him create flames with different heat as he liked, without considering the absurd things they did! How could a simple flame of twohundred degrees melt down the penta-graph, that could resist to sevenhundred degrees of heat? And how could him grow those scales from his flesh  and add mass to his arm, as it was nothing?! It was going against any physic argument! Magic, he said. But it wasn't magic, it was just science! Science, she was sure about it.

-Enough now- the dragon whispered, pressing his arms around her neck, hugging her from behind, leaning his muscles against her little body, as if he was trying to protect her. -You can't go on like this forever. You have to accept in this life there are things you won't be able to comprehend, anything you will do. It's magic for you, it's something greater for others. Just this.

-No...- she answered, slmost crying, without caring for the blood that run down on her arm. I'll call a medic... or... a veterinarian... I mean, I'll have you dissected, I'll uncover the secrets behind your stupid demihuman body!

-So you don't want to listen to me, uh...?- he continued, taking her into his arms. -I want to show you something...

-So... you will show me how...?

-Nope- he concluded, leaning her on the rocking bench, as the sun was setting behind the mountains.

The dragon got naked, not caring for the reddish colour of the woman's cheeks, and he went down on fours, on the fresh snow, like he was trying to find space. In some istants, he covered his whole flesh with white scales, he grew a tail over his legs, he grew, grew, no, he got bigger, till he was 20 meters long. Without warings, he jumped on the roof, hugging it with his flexible body, using soft palms to lean on the roof, and the tail to support his weight.

-It won't support your weight...- excalimed the woman, terrified, running to the abyss a few meters in front of her.

-It will- he answered, taking her with a claw and bringing her to him, to lean her on her horns. -Just think the mass as an electrical charge. Now my tail is touching the ground, so all of my weight is begone.

-It doesn't have any physic meaning something like...- she answered, lifting the massive arm. Lifting...? But... it didn't have any meaning! The woman caught it again, lifting and bringing it down without problems, as it was a light seed leaved by some dandelion.

-But it happened- he answered, forcing her to observe the sunset. From that height, she finally could see the sun setting on the valley, disappeating like a piece of cake slowly eaten by the mountains that were eating it.

And she felt like she was a child again, alone, filled of fears. It was to defeat those fears that she wanted to know everything, to learn everything, to let herself not to be surprised by anything.


-So you are an orphan, aren't you?- the dragon asked to the girl, as they were flying over mount Fuji.

-Yes, since when I was five...- she answered, observing the sun set again. -It's to forget my fears that I decided to forget misteryes during my life... I was always alone, do younunderstand? Phisycs gave me... hope. But now I would like the answer to one of your mysteries: what were you doing to the lab?

-A nimph called Plitia goes there to celebrate Christmas. But you were there, so she tryed to trash you using me. But she won't do it.

-Christmas... without thinking it, following the sunset fo twentyfour hours, we jumped over it...

-Keep calm- he grinned, landing to let her eat something. -When we will be back, we will be in three. It's enought for Christmas' lunch, doesn't it?

-I hope so... she laughed, leaning on his arm. -But, after all of this: it wasn't magic what you were using, right?

-No...- he sighed, surrendering to her. -It's a branch of science much complex known as methaphysics, based on mana's power. It's just thanks to my mana I can do such things. But saying magic is much simpler.

-I knew everything would turn like this!- she grinned, estatic. But her face relaxed immediatly after this, as a weight, a massive doubt, was leaning on her. -Duh... can I ask you something?

-Tell me- he answered, watching her.

-Between knowing everything, and not knowing anything... what would you choose?

-Not the first, nor the other. You see, my dear, it's useful to know. But you need also that little bit of ignorance that makes us inagine, that makes us pose questions, that colours our life. Isn't this the meaning of mistery?
TDHM - Story #3: A frightened child
Third story of the set. This time a physician is the protagonis. I hope I built it up nicely :D
40 deviations

-Shall we tell ours?- asked one of the hanging guys to his partner, while the dridder was removing them from that unconfortable position, letting them rest.
-Well, that isn't a bad idea- answered his rival, starting to cut the threads with his knife. -At least they will understand there's no point in worrying about us...
-Please...- answered the poet, catching the bowl containing the bottle of alchool. -You two stormed in this bath, one screaming he would have to kill us for work, and one saying the same line but for protecting us. What the hell would we do?!
-Wait a bit, in order to understand...- answered the human, smiling. -It all started some years ago, while I was guarding a rich guy...


The shirt wasn't bothering him so much, after his hand had unbuttoned the neck and had untied his tie. He was there in order to work, being nice wasn't necessary. At least, it was what he thought, until the rich guy's glare fell upon him, silently telling him: "let me leave a good impression" and letting him answer "as ya want, boss...".
-Can I bring you something, sir?- asked one of the butlers, approaching to him.
-Some action, if you would...- answered him, leaning on the wall, and checking another time all of the guests. -It's a real pain to work while everyone is enjoying himself, don't you agree?
-I agree, sir- answered him, passing him a glass of wine. -Being the bodyguard in this party is a real pain, isn't it?
-I ageee...- answered him, refusing the glass. -I'm the best, and one of the most discreet. For this reason that rich guy hired me this evening. He sais that after the financial devalues and the jump of the company's actions, CdA's companions would... decrease his lifetime.
-I don't understand the reason- answered him, offering a cigar. -Isn't a company strong when united?
-Sure, sure...- answered hin, refusing again. - But there are some guys who would like to enter his dominion, since his salary got higher for the higher value of the company.
-I see... would you excuse me, I need to check the other guests.
-As you want...- the guard continued, ending his check. Every face, every name corresponded to the list he memorized, there wasn't anyone in the two hundred guests that escaped him, or that let him have some doubts.
Lazily, he observed the waving movement of the dames, and the circul movement of the liveried butlers, without peace in the continuos movement of serving and reloading, like vending machines that had the problem of being elegant. Everyone with the weight he remembered, everyone with his height.
And one with asymmetrical legs.
-May I offer you something to drink?- asked the butler to the party's host, passing him the same glass of wine he offered to the guard.
-Why not?- smirked him, catching it, and approaching it to his lips. But the drink couldn't enter his troath, instead it was splashing on a nearby coloumn, destroyed by a bullet, throwed at high precision.
-That champagne's colour is a little more dark. Poison, I assume.
-One at delayed effect and of mortal precision- confirmed the butler, smiling. -It had to reach you too...
-Wanna hear your mistake? Your tail- answered the guard, letting the loader fall on the ground, and insterting another one. -That was just a warning. The next one will reach your brain.
-What's happening...?- asked a voice, from the silent crowd.
-Simple, isn't it?- answered the guard, pointing tbe gun against the butler. -He is a legend, for his discrection and ability. It's a miss I am too.
The butler smiled to him, removing his hat, and lifting his dog ears, like they were happy to breath fresh air. He tossed away the necktie, freeing his troath, and remove the jacket, getting from it seven or eight cooking knifes, like it was all natural. -It's a rare occasion that someone understands immediatly who I am- he smirked, freeing his brown tail, and waving his reddish hair. -But, yeah, I am a legend. I'm a ruthless assassin, I never failed a mission.
-There's always a first time, you dog- the guard answered, lighting a cygarette, like that encounter was simply common.
-Cobold, please- he answered, suddenly lifting the arm, and throwing a knife in the opponent's direction, that was evaded wthout problems.
-Guns win on knifes, don't you believe? - the guard continued, without removing his glare.
-You think?- the cobold answered, trowhing in his direction every knife he had.
The guard had to fall back, even to side hop, in order to evade the blades, but removing his attention from the opponent. Just the time the cobold needed to approach and to catch a folding knife, pointing it to the guard's neck. The human in that moment answered blocking the blade with the gun's hard part, and shooting a projectile that peeled off a bit of the opponent's shoe.
-You are good- the cobold commented, without letting him escape, in order not to lose the good position. -But I will be victorious.
-I thought the opposite- the guard answered, shooting to a chandelier's support, letting it fall down.
The opponent had to fall back with a jump, only to run again against the guard, using the chandelier's shines to blind him.
-Using the battlefield's carachteristics against me won't help you- the guard continued, folfing his arm while releasing the loader to use it as a projectile that removed the weapons from the cobold's hands. -I have an invincible memory and observation style. I know where the object's supports are, I know how will you move by observing your joints, and I won't let you scratch me in order to poison me.
-What a coincidence, I too have similar carachteristics- the cobold said, lifting himself up. -But I won't use something like that. It would be too easy to use poison or little bombs to hit you. For once, I want to fight honestly. It seems you are someone that could do it, afterall.
-Not really...- he answered, observing the blue lights of the police getting near to the villa's gate. -If you will keep on fighting, this place will be soon filled by policemen. It's better if you surrender now.
-Oh, no, I think you will let me go- smirked the cobold, putting away his weapons, and turning his back to him.
-Didn't you hear what I just said? Surrender!- the guard answered, shooting a little above the demi-human's shoulder.
-Oh, really? And how will you, then...?
The question was left hanging in the hair. The guard maybe understood what he meant... but he didn't want to answer. He knew what was the answer to the question he was just about to ask, to that phrase that was pressing against his lips to wriggle out, like an earthworm that hears the rains's calling. He knew that that earthworm had been in the earth's embrace for too long, and that it was just to set it free... but he didn't want to. He kwen that his absence would have let the tunnel's net dig in himself fall down.
-How will I what?
The earthworm got out. There, in front of him there was a woodpecker, a giant green woodpecker, that was drooling from his beak, ready to eat the little prey in front of him. And while doing it, he would sink his beak into the earth, provoking a cataclism on the ground, destroying everything that was painfully built, so years and years of studies, exercises, removal of the littlest pleasures, all to follow a dream forgotten for too long, that was there, under the topsoil, under the moist and the dirt. But never dead.
-To enjoy the fight- answered the cobold, starting to run, disappearing in the dark of the garden, lighted only a bit.


The security door cryed, turning on the little oiled hinges, while the guard digited the sixty-digits code to deactivate his appartament's door alarm. Climbing the steps, he digited other codes in order to open the living room's door, and to shut off the movement sensors on the floor. Tired from his own routine, he throwed himself on the couch filled of dirty clothes and food left alone, killing with a finger the insects that leant on his knees. Lazily, he lifted his arm, activating the AC's code, and the one for the television.
-John Wayne...- the guard whispered, while Fort Apache's massacre run on the screen.
-Nothing better than a good western in order to enjoy the evening- the cobold commented, leaning on his couch and soundly eating some pop corns. -Do you want some beer? It isn't poisoned, stay calm.
-What the hell are you doing here...?- he answered, without bother himself to move.
-Nothing much, I just followed you, I understood this was your home from the humongous number of alarms, and I got in.
-I inserted a code from the wall's other side. I thought the nearest one to the steel curtain was the right one, so...
-How could you pass a signal between walls of lead and filled with alarms...?
-They are walls with 90% lead. I just had to find a group of impure material and the waves passed. How could I? But obviously hitting and listening to the sound!
The guard sighed, shutting down the televison and the AC, in order to lift himself up and climb a lead. -Do as you want, I know perfectly well where I leave every object.
-Keep calm, I don't wanna kill, I'm on "lunch break"- he answered, happily, setting on the television with the code just inserted.
The guard sighed, shooking his head. What the heck was that guy doing in his home...? The recent fight hadn't been enough for him? Or he was interested in the woodworm noisily flying inside his head...?
-Listen up, do you have some action movies too? You can't have just western ones...
-Mind your own business...- he answered, closing the door at his back, and climbing the stairs thst lead to his bedroom. There, he throwed lazily his clothes on the bed, then he tossed the folders and the notes on the rich guy he defended inside the chimney. His feet went in the bathroom, in a natural way, running on the icy floor, his fingers running like little dancing spiders.
-I thought you were the shower type, not the bath one- the cobold commented, observing him from the door.
-Can I know what do you want from me...?- the guard growled, leaning in the hot steaming water. -I live alone, and Indon't appreciate pet's company.
-Ah, pet...- he answered, sitting in the wc and catching the newspaper. -Try to think about it: why am I here?
-Pheraps to spy me...-the guard answered, angrily whispering. -To discover my next job's details, in order to prevent my moves and finish your work without letting me do mine?!
-No- he simply answered. -I'm here to talk with you. Of that friendly familiar sensation that climbs your back...
-I don't know what are you talking about...- he answered, turning his head, not to see him.
-Don't act!- he answered, jumping above him, catching with loveliness the bath's edge, without even touching him. -I know what's your problem, human! And you know why? Because it's the same thing I worry about. Don't you find strange both of us got the same sensation to have felt the same sensation long ago? And this isn't a pun. You find normal that the little voice you suppressed with attitude came back? I know you started this work with a dream, everyone does so. But now it's a tyring routine, isn't it?
-I only find strange you know everything about this...- the guard answered, trying to ignore him.
-I know, because we developed from the same starting point. Finishing in being the opposite sides of the same biscuit. goes by coin, not biscuit...
-But I'm hungry! What's in for dinner? May I cook?
The guard sighed, inserting the code to let the door shut on the cobold's tail, in order to have revenge that guy put in his mind perfectly positioned and ordered. He was right, those two were incredibly similar, he felt it. Maybe he understood that what he had seek was the finishing line too.


Six months passed. Six months in wich the cobold went and came back as he wanted, still keeping on being mean to the guard. He instead continued to work and to train, like his life was still the same. Still, the woodworm's egg that leaned in his head became a larvae, and it was digging tunnels and caves that lead him to ask himself some questions, without answers or means. A part of him like a pilgrim was going around in these tunnels, without pace, searching the exit only with a candle to light hispath. Another part of him like William of Baskerville was going around in a giant and labyrinth-like menta library, searching answers in books that could kill him. And the last part of him was watching his brain working, still without knowing what to do.

It was in the first evening of the seventh month that his impassibility crumbled down.

He was coming back from a work that tired him. He didn't got hurt, but the capture of three assassins proved him, leaving him lifeless. He couldn't even get up, he was going around his town's the streets like a zombie, trying to reach his home. But when he got there, the world started to go around in circles, while the blood form his nose, fractured on the street's rocks, stained the grass, darkening it.

-So that freelance guard could be the one you are seeking...- commented a femal voice, in the dark of 4 a.m.

-He is just like me, Plitia- answered the cobold, cutting with his teeth the last bit of meat. -The thing I don't understand is: why does he keep on doing the badass guy? I mean, he knows what he wants from life, but he can't catch it! And that is a great miss...

-How can you judge him? I mean, it'slike seeing yourself in amirror, but I'm not sure he has your same story... and... why is he there, face on the ground?

-Maybe he's tired...- the cobold sighed, passing his back under the guard's arm, and using his strenght to lift him up. He went to the door by small steps, lifting him whole in order to prevent the bother to scratch his feet on the ground.

-Good luck, my friend- answered the nimph, letting the first light of the sun reflect on her hair.

-I need it...- he answered, closing the door at his back.


-Hot chocolate?- asked the cobold, sitting on the bed.

-No, thanks...- answered the guard, trying to lift his fingers, but sadly failing.

-It's a miss...- answered the cobold, drinking it. -So, let's talk.

-Of what...?- the human answered, trying not to look at him.

-I think you know... so, are you ready to confess?


-Don't try to fool me. I know you know. So, go on, tell me!- he continued, fixing him in his irises. -Tell me what you think about six months now, tell me the question that keeps going around your head, that removes your concentration when you study and when you prepare for fights, to think in any way you can about how to find the answer! Tell me what you fear, because I have the code of it!

The guard sighed, closing his eyes. He saw the woodworm that dug in his mind, it was ready to metamorph.

He needed just the right thrust.

-Why do I have an incredible urge of fighting against you?- the guard asked.

-Because it's for this reason you are a bodyguard.

Finaly the woodworm metamorphed, but it wasn't ready to go. It wanted to obtain more, to know more! And it would have what he wanted to know.

-Now it's my turn to pose a question: why did you make me leave on that evening?- the cobold asked.

-Because... because I had a sensation... like something that preventedme from shooting in your back. It would be unjust, obviously... but... I had like the impression... yes, like a vague evanescence that blocked my sight, that you were the one I searched for so long!

-I think you were right...- the cobold answered, leaning to his side. -And it's the same sensation I had disturbing you day by day.

-My question: why didn't you ever attack me?

-Because it would have lost its mean. I want a victory on the battlefield, during a training isn't right!

-I know...

-Mine now: why didn't you ever try to make me leave permanently? Like, changing codes or...

-Would I succed? And... you kept me company. I didn't ever had a pet, but you were perfect!

-Give me respect, human...- the cobold growled, without seeing the only sile that the guard's lips had done from quite a time. -But... there is still a question I wat to pose to you. What do we really seek?


The pool was calm and shiny for the lights on his bottom. But it was ignored by the guests to the party, banded in smokings or in their shiny dresses.

The guard sighed, shooking his head. Another time, no one got in, no attempts to break the camera's net, everything damned and only perfect. So, what was the meaning of having him there? What was the worth of a bodyguard, if dozens of little soldiers packed the villa and the surroundings? Another safety? Or just a statue to adorn in order to show one's wealth?

In the end, it was still like this. He wasn't a warrior that fought enemies, he wasn't a sentinel that took guard turns, he was just a mercenary that was paid to stand still and observe... observe... observe like only his eyes were alive, observe like he couldn't do anything more, observe like he was another camera.

-I can't go on like this...- he whispered to himself, lighting up a cygarette. -It's time I fight for myself.

-Correct- the cobold answered, approaching to his back. -But there ins't anyone better than you in this job. So, why don't you try to kill me? Because,  if you wouldn't observe, I wouldn't kill, nor I would fight anymore. You are my target now. I'm tired to be a living weapon for the ones that got no force to use one, I'm tired ofbeing the mechanical and sacrificable arm of an impenetrable cathedral, but filled with demons. I want to fight for myself, not for other's interests or for other's money. And I choose you. Demonstrate you are worthy of being my target!

-And you demonstrate you can be mine- the guard answered, catching his guns. -You have twenty seconds.

The cobold grinned, leaving his back. He started walking sowly, then rapidly, finally running between the guests, pushing them aside, making them fall in the heated waters, throwing at last his poisoned knife against the house's master.

But the guard's projctile stopped his victory.

-Time elapsed!- the guard grinned, throwing away his hat and his tie, and shooting near the guests' wigs, trying to hit the humanoid wolf.

This one instead jumped on the guests still in the pool, throwing again some knifes to distract him, and dropping on him with his trustworthy pocket knifes.

They didn't care where they were, they didn't care that they were working for others. The camera and the living weapon were clashing because so they decided, because they knew they were strong, and both of them wanted to know wich one was greater. It was a deep sense of excitement, a bristly and serpentine thrill that was running on their spines to explode in clouds of extacy inside their brain. They dind't fear loss, nor death. They wanted just to fight.

-Living, and feeling alive, right?- the guard asked to the cobold's back, as he was running away, the fight interrupted by the villas's little solders.

-Isn't this the meaning of fighting?- the cobold completed, disappearing in the dark.

The fingers hit on the phone's keyboard, quickly, like the keys of a piano hit to create silent melodies, intelligible to human's ears, understood only by the poet that was creating them.

He hit his pipe on the ashtray, removing the remains of the inebriating moment ended some time ago, on his station's railway sides.

His mind flew to the gigantic crate wich was travelling in the wagon behind him, worried of its state. To check it, he pulled a long, thin string, that started from his pinkie. The string was pulled from the other side. Everything was in order.


-So, who's next?- asked the poet, diving his feet in the tepid water of the hot springs' stairs, observing the people in front of him.

-Are we in?- asked a pair of guys, lifted from toes above the bath.

-If you want... I think your story is at much interesting as ours, right?- he asked, lighting his pipe.

-My dear, you know I don't want you to smoke!- growled her woman, fixing him.

-At home I can't because I risk to burn down your silk, here don't be mean!

-Now, my love...- she answered, passing something that seemed like claws on his neck. -You don't want our sons to be intoxicated, right?

-I told you to leave home the eggs...- he sighed, hitting the ash in the water. -As you want... I'll try to keep me restrained...

-Why don't you kill them instead?- asked another, hitting his back. -I would really like to reap souls this evening! We only miss something like this to let this evening be perfect!

-Forgive him, I didn't fully train him...- whispered a woman, pulling this guy away, using a sickle.

-As you want... so, I'll start narrating my own story, it's alright?
TDHM - Story #0: Twelve stories
TDHM = "Twelve dialogues of humans and monsters"
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So... hi guys.

It's been a while since I wrote a journal, but, here I am with some news.

First of all, I'm gonna start school soon (the 5th of October), and it will be an hellish year I think.

Then, I'm going to upload in time an english version of my online novel "The kiss of Merueth", translated by the girl that recently abbandoned DA, OTAKUFedechan.

Lastly, I don't think I'll ever create yugioh cards again. In the end, it was just a way to pass time, and I didn't ever had the occasion to use them in a real duel, unless the two times I made OTAKUFedechan's ass crimson red. It wasn't a real passion, and now that my life is pressing against my free time, reducing it to bits, I have to choose. And obviously I'll choose what I have a passion for.

So, see you soon with my stories :D


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